Monday Morning Motivational Video

I go to sleep early on Sundays because I am so eager to start working Monday morning. Australian entrepreneur Joel Brown turned down a $1 million website buyout and worked hard for his success, which is evident on — a comprehensive website for all things motivational and uplifting. I've put together 67 of the most inspirational Gary Vaynerchuk quotes that you can use as life lessons to live by.

While big PR agencies have long offered social media as one of many services, Vayner focuses on it, counseling clients to shift much more of their marketing budgets to social media efforts. It's just, you got to understand, you can't have everything all the time always.

With one $60 million-in-sales company under his belt, and now another that is approaching the same size (VaynerMedia says it did $23 million in revenue in 2013), he reasons that he is someone who has done it,” rather than talked about doing it. The problem is, please also recognize you're probably not going to get rich.

Like they're just going to find motivational Video success simply because they had a good idea for a YouTube show. My perspective on both the health and wellness of my family, as well as where I came from, allows me to handle anything and everything,” he says. ✎ Best of Gary Vaynerchuk 2016 Motivation: Hello #BelieveNation !

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